Thursday, 7 June 2012

Seagreens and children

Seaweed not only has massive benefits for adults but also children. Children can use Seagreens products in the same ways as adults but it is advised that children under 10 consume half the dose of adults. This is particularly for the capsules which can be taken from 2 up to 12 a day for a specific health condition in adults. If you are using Seagreens to treat a specific condition, it is advised that you check with your GP first but begin with 1 capsule a day. You can also email to ask more specific advice.

Seagreens contains a wide range of amino acids which may be beneficial to children. It contains glutamic acid which can be used to treat childhood behavioural issues. It also contains GABA which can help with epilepsy and phenylalanine which a deficiency can cause eczema and slow intellect. Seagreens also contains taurine. A deficiency of taurine may be causative in epilepsy and may also be linked to IQ in Down’s Syndrome.

Children can frequently be fussy eaters and using Seagreens in cooking will help ensure they have a full complement of vitamins, minerals and amino acids essential for development. The culinary ingredient is ideal to use as children will not notice the flavour but will gain a lot of benefit from the added nutrition it gives to a meal. It can be used in all types of cooking. Try stirring a teaspoonful into any meal to give it a boost and replace the salt.

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