Friday, 1 June 2012

All about Seagreens

Seagreens was established 15 years ago by Simon Ranger who has a vision that one day, we will all be eating 1gram of seaweed a day. The company began harvesting seaweed off the Lapland coast of Norway using sustainable methods. This began in the late 1990s and Seagreens have set the standards worldwide for harvesting human quality seaweed.

We are passionate about harvesting seaweed as close to our consumers as possible and therefore keeping air miles and costs to a minimum. There are no processing plants involved in the production of Seagreens. The seaweed is milled next to where it has been harvested from. This means nothing is added or taken away giving consumers the highest quality and nutritional product possible.

In 1998, Seagreens was named the first organic ocean to table seaweed producer. In 2009, our joint partner Hebridean Segreens Ltd, received full Organic Certification for harvesting and production in Scotland. No other seaweed factory of this kind has a Food Hygiene Certificate. Producing human quality seaweed in a safe and clean environment which will have health benefits is of paramount importance to us.

Seagreens have also been certified Kosher and all the products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans as only vegetable products are used even to produce the capsules.

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