Monday, 1 October 2012

Eat Balanced's Seagreens Pizza

This week, Asda have started stocking some of the Eat Balanced pizzas which contain Seagreens. They have been developed by the Eat Balanced team to create a nutritious pizza which tastes great and, as Seagreens is from a sustainable source, it is environmentally friendly too.
The pizza bases have had half the salt replaced with Seagreens, which reduces sodium levels and adds additional nutrients to offer a more nutritional product. Seagreens is Human Food Quality Seaweed TM and contains over 70 different vitamins and minerals which are needed by the body.  It has a salty flavour but is much lower in sodium than salt (sodium chloride). It is sodium which is believed to have the detrimental effects on health (see previous blog post).  Pizzas are naturally quite high in salt due to the cheese on the topping and so by replacing salt with Seagreens, the sodium levels are very much reduced.

Not only does Seagreens add nutritional benefits, it also tastes great and has a nutty flavour which adds depth to the pizza flavour. Eat Balanced pizzas have been designed with nutritionists to create a pizza which is actually healthy and creates a balanced meal all in one product. They are higher in fibre, vitamins and minerals than standard pizzas. Each pizza contains just the right amount of salt, protein and carbohydrates along with the added nutritional benefits from Seagreens.

This is a pizza you can eat guilt free.

To find out more about Eat Balanced visit and to find out more about Seagreens visit

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