Tuesday, 29 May 2012

How can Seagreens improve your health?

There are a number of ways Seagreens products can improve your health and wellbeing. Seagreens products provide a natural, comprehensive balance of macro and micronutrients with no excessive components.
The Food Capsules and Food Granules are a mix of  Ascophyllum, Fucus and Pelvetia (see images below, copyright Seagreens) which are harvested on the Outer Hebrides.





When mixed, these seaweeds provide a perfectly balanced and complete dietary foundation for everyday use. Seagreens is not powdered as this can damage the minerals. The seaweed is slowly air dried to avoid over heating which can also harm the nutritional profile. These types of seaweed are not to be confused with others such as deep water kelp or fresh water algae like spirulina, chlorella, or blue-green which do not have such a complete nutritional profile.

How can I use these in everyday life?

The capsules can be taken on a daily basis for many different things:
  •        As an aid to weightloss
  •          To help cardiovascular health
  •          To improve general health and wellbeing

The dose of the tablets depends on the reason for taking. Always read the label.
The food granules can be used in cooking. They are great as a salt replacement so are ideal for people with high blood pressure who are looking to reduce their salt intake. The granules add a slightly nutty flavour and go well in many dishes.

If you have a recipe you used Seagreens for, let us know! You can visit the website www.seagreens.co.uk, email info@seagreens.co.uk or info@wisechoicenutrition.co.uk

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