Friday, 25 May 2012

Why is seaweed so good for us?

Seaweed is a complete natural food. On its own, with nothing added, it can provide us with the full spectrum of nutrients needed by the body for optimal health. It can fill a gap left by the foods we currently eat. Many foods have seen a decrease in nutritional value over the past 50 years and a decrease in the consumption of vegetables and fish has led to our diets being less than satisfactory in most cases.

A lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet can cause deficiency diseases. However, in the UK, it is less likely to cause a deficiency disease as such and more likely to be an indicator of poor health. Diets low in vitamins and minerals tend to be high in processed foods which have very little nutritional value.

Our diets also contain a lot of toxins such as caffeine and alcohol which the body finds difficult to break down and consequently they cause an imbalance within the body. The consumption of other foods which give rise to intolerances such as modified wheat can also be helped by consuming seaweed.
Adding seaweed into your diet can help improve your health and overall wellbeing. Why not try this quick and easy way to include some:
  •         Chop some fresh seasonal fruit
  •         Mix a teaspoon of Seagreens food granules with 3 tablespoons of strawberry yoghurt
  •        Pour over the fruit and enjoy!

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